Volumetric Weight

Understanding Volumetric Weight

What is volumetric weight and how it is calculated? The courier industry, and different carriers, use varying methods for assessing the volumetric weight of a parcel. The majority of couriers base their delivery rates on either the size or volumetric weight of a parcel, whichever is the greater. The bigger an item is, the more room it takes up on a vehicle or aircraft, and the more it costs to send. If an item is large but light, the price will be based on the size rather than the weight. Even if you have a pallet or a very large item to send, ParcelHero specializes in Large & Heavy parcel delivery How to Calculate Volumetric Weight

The cost of a large lighter weight shipment (where volume exceeds actual weight) is determined by the amount of space the shipment occupies on our aircraft, rather than its actual weight. This is known as the volumetric (or dimensional) weight and is calculated basis the following formula:
Length (cms) x Width (cms) x Height (cms) / 6000

i.e. the volumetric weight of your package shipped is calculated by multiplying the length, depth and width of the package in centimeters and dividing the result by 6,000.

The courier will compare the volumetric weight to the actual physical weight of a parcel and charge whichever is the greater of the two (also known as billable weight or chargeable weight)

Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm)