Air Cargo

Sahari International Courier offers a full range of services on behalf of the airlines it represents

Sahari International Courier Services is, as indicated by its name, specialized in air cargo : freight transported by air. So it is a company that offers air transportation services. The company has grown to a large air freight dispatcher with various related and logistical activities. The name already says that the company is able to integrate several ways of transportation, dependent on the wishes of the customer, whereby it performs the management of the chain function.

Contracts and Service level agreements have been entered into with airline companies operating here. Customers of these companies bring their freight to Sahari International Courier Services for a complete dispatch. Next to registering, SICS looks after the needed documents for export, like an airway bill for instance and all customs formalities. At delivery the freight is weighed and provided with the required documents under supervision of customs and other authorities controlling the cargo. The goods are stored for transportation in air freight containers or placed on air freight pallets, depending on the destination.

When importing goods the necessary action is undertaken which is entirely dependent on the nature of the cargo. If it concerns large perishable cargo, the possibility will be created, in consultation with customs, for the addressee to immediately clear his goods upon arrival of the flight, to be stored safely somewhere else. If so desired the internal clearing office of SACS can be used saving the customer a lot of work and even domestic road transportation can be taken care of.

SICS is committed to offering its cargo clients real time follow-up of cargo movements and improved track and trace capabilities from acceptance of shipments to delivery at the final destination.

SICS adheres to the highest standards and performance in providing advanced logistics solutions, reliable and efficient services and customized and effective transportation solutions to enhance and support business of our clients.